Grand Theft Auto III

Cheat codes

During gameplay, type in a code from below:

100% Healthgesundheit
Better Vehicle Handlingcornerslikemad
Change Outfitilikedressingup
Clear Weatherskincancerforme
Clock Moves Fastertimeflieswhenyou
Cloudy Weatherilikescotland
Crank Up Gorenastylimbscheat
Destroy All Carsbangbangbang
Flying Vehiclechittychittybb
Foggy Weatherpeasoup
Get All Weaponsgunsgunsguns
Higher Wanted Levelmorepoliceplease
Insane Pedestriansitsallgoingmaaad
Invisible Carsanicesetofwheels
Lower Wanted Levelnopoliceplease
More Moneyifiwerearichman
Pedestrians Attacknobodylikesme
Pedestrians Fight One Anotherweaponsforall
Rainy Weatherilovescotland
Speed Up Gameplayboooooring
Super-speedy Game Clockmadweather
Tank (Rhino) appearsgiveusatank

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