Pokémon Crystal

Substitute glitch

The ‘Substitute’ move does not work on moves that absorb HP (such as Giga/Mega Drain and Absorb), and has a 100% chance of missing the opponent.

This also occurs in the Japanese versions of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, and all releases of Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Duplicate ‘TM24 Dragon Breath’

Beat Claire in the eight gym and you will be given the task of going into the Dragon’s Den. Once there and all your Pokémon are poisoned, complete the Elder’s quiz in the Den, but do not leave. Walk around until you ‘white out’.

Now, return to the gym to collect TM24 and also go into the Elder’s Building in the Den, where she will give you a second TM24. This is a glitch and not an intentional part of game play.

Pokédex Diploma

Once you have caught all the Pokémon in both Kanto and Johto Pokédexes (except Mew and Celebi), you can speak to the Game Freak (game developer) director in Celadon City, and he will give you a diploma.

Belly Drum glitch

The move called ‘Belly Drum’ normally increases the attack level to quadruple (x4) the usual value while also halving current HP (-50%).

Therefore, you need to have 50%+ HP to use the move. If you don’t, the game says the move failed, however it still increases the attack level. This is because the attack is increased before the HP is decreased, meaning the game doesn’t know it shouldn’t increase your attack level.

Obtain Evolution Stones More Quickly

Go to New Bark Town and talk to Mom. Tell her no when she asks about saving money, but yes when she asks about changing to/from daylight savings time.

Keep repeating, and eventually, you will receive a phone call from someone in your Pokégear. Keep repeating until you’re offered the stone you want.

Pass through grass without discovering Pokémon

First, you need to obtain ‘HM01 Cut’ and have taught it to one of your Pokémon. As well as being able to cut down trees, HM01 Cut can also cut grass. So, cut the grass to clear a path, and you won’t encounter wild Pokémon and be forced into battle. The grass grows back once it falls out of view.

Action Replay codes

All Pokémon in Pokédex91ff9ede
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffacde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffbade
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffadde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffd6de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ff9bde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffcfde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ff9fde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa5de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffb6de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc0de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffbbde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa2de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffd7de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc7de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffd5de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffcade
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ff9dde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffb0de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffb4de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa1de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffd2de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc4de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffafde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa8de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffcbde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa4de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc3de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffcede
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc5de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa0de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffbfde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffaade
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa3de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc1de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffd3de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffabde
All Pokémon in Pokédex910fd8de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffa9de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffd0de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffcdde
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffb1de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffc2de
All Pokémon in Pokédex91ffb9de
Ball 1 Modification9100d8d8
Ball 2 Modification9100dad8
Ball 4 Modification9100ded8
Ball 5 Modification9100e0d8
Ball 6 Modification9100e2d8
Ball 7 Modification9100e4d8
Ball 8 Modification9100e6d8
Ball 10 Modification9100ead8
Ball 11 Modification9100ecd8
Ball 12 Modification9100eed8
Catch any Pokémon910004d2
Enemy Level Modification910013d2
Have Badges91ff58d8
Have Badges91ff57d8
Infinite HP 1910303dd
Infinite HP 1910301dd
Infinite HP 191e702dd
Infinite HP 2910333dd
Infinite HP 291e734dd
Infinite HP 2910331dd
Infinite HP 291e732dd
Infinite HP 3910363dd
Infinite HP 391e764dd
Infinite HP 391e762dd
Infinite HP 3910361dd
Infinite HP 4910393dd
Infinite HP 491e792dd
Infinite HP 4910391dd
Infinite HP 491e794dd
Infinite HP 59103c3dd
Infinite HP 591e7c2dd
Infinite HP 59103c1dd
Infinite HP 691e7f8dd
Infinite HP 691e7f2dd
Infinite HP 69103f1dd
Infinite HP 69103f7dd
Infinite HP 69103f5dd
Infinite HP 691e7f6dd
Infinite Money910f4ed8
Infinite Money91424fd8
Infinite Balls 19163d9d8
Infinite Balls 109163ebd8
Infinite Balls 59163e1d8
Infinite Balls 69163e3d8
Infinite Balls 89163e7d8
Infinite Balls 99163e9d8
Infinite Items 1916394d8
Infinite Items 2916396d8
Infinite Items 491639ad8
Infinite Items 591639cd8
Infinite Items 691639ed8
Infinite Items 99163a4d8
Infinite Items 109163a6d8
Infinite Items 119163a8d8
Infinite Items 129163aad8
Infinite Items 139163acd8
Infinite Items 149163aed8
Infinite Items 159163b0d8
Infinite Items 169163b2d8
Infinite Items 179163b4d8
Item 1 Modification910093d8
Item 10 Modification9100a5d8
Item 11 Modification9100a7d8
Item 12 Modification9100a9d8
Item 13 Modification9100abd8
Item 14 Modification9100add8
Item 16 Modification9100b1d8
Item 17 Modification9100b3d8
Item 2 Modification910095d8
Item 3 Modification910097d8
Item 4 Modification910099d8
Item 5 Modification91009bd8
Item 7 Modification91009fd8
Item 8 Modification9100a1d8
Item 9 Modification9100a3d8
Maximum Stats 191e70edd
Maximum Stats 191e708dd
Maximum Stats 1910307dd
Maximum Stats 191e70cdd
Maximum Stats 1910309dd
Maximum Stats 191030ddd
Maximum Stats 191030bdd
Maximum Stats 291e738dd
Maximum Stats 291033ddd
Maximum Stats 291e736dd
Maximum Stats 291e73edd
Maximum Stats 2910337dd
Maximum Stats 2910335dd
Maximum Stats 2910339dd
Maximum Stats 291033bdd
Maximum Stats 291e73cdd
Maximum Stats 391036bdd
Maximum Stats 391e76add
Maximum Stats 391036ddd
Maximum Stats 391e76cdd
Maximum Stats 391e766dd
Maximum Stats 3910369dd
Maximum Stats 391e76edd
Maximum Stats 391e768dd
Maximum Stats 491e79cdd
Maximum Stats 4910397dd
Maximum Stats 491039bdd
Maximum Stats 4910399dd
Maximum Stats 491e798dd
Maximum Stats 491e79add
Maximum Stats 491e796dd
Maximum Stats 491039ddd
Maximum Stats 4910395dd
Maximum Stats 591e7c6dd
Maximum Stats 591e7ccdd
Maximum Stats 59103c9dd
Maximum Stats 59103cbdd
Maximum Stats 591e7c8dd
Maximum Stats 59103c7dd
Maximum Stats 59103c5dd
Maximum Stats 591e7cadd
Maximum Stats 691e7f8dd
Maximum Stats 69103f9dd
Maximum Stats 69103fddd
Maximum Stats 691e7fedd
Maximum Stats 691e7fcdd
Maximum Stats 691e7fadd
Number of Balls On9100d7d8
Number of Items On910092d8
Player 1 Maximum PP 29163f7dc
Player 1 Maximum PP 39163f8dc
Player 1 Move 1 Modification9100e1dc
Player 1 Move 2 Modification9100e2dc
Player 1 Move 3 Modification9100e3dc
Player 2 Maximum PP 1916326dd
Player 2 Maximum PP 4916329dd
Player 2 Move 2 Modification910012dd
Player 2 Move 3 Modification910013dd
Player 3 Maximum PP 1916356dd
Player 3 Maximum PP 2916357dd
Player 3 Maximum PP 4916359dd
Player 3 Move 1 Modification910041dd
Player 3 Move 2 Modification910042dd
Player 3 Move 3 Modification910043dd
Player 3 Move4 Modification910044dd
Player 4 Maximum PP 2916387dd
Player 4 Move 3 Modification910073dd
Player 4 Move4 Modification910074dd
Player 5 Maximum PP 19163b6dd
Player 5 Maximum PP 29163b7dd
Player 5 Maximum PP 49163b9dd
Player 5 Maximum PP 49163e6dd
Player 5 Move 2 Modification9100a2dd
Player 5 Move 3 Modification9100a3dd
Player 5 Move 4 Modification9100a4dd
Player 6 Maximum PP 49163e9dd
Player 6 Move 1 Modification9100d1dd
Player 6 Move 4 Modification9100d4dd
Pokémon 1 Level Modfication9100fedc
Pokémon 2 Level Modfication91002edd
Pokémon 3 Level Modfication91005edd
Pokémon 4 Level Modfication91008edd
Pokémon 5 Level Modfication9100bedd
Pokémon 6 Level Modfication9100eedd
Pokemon 2 Modification9100d9dc
Pokemon 3 Modification9100dadc
Pokemon 5 Modification9100dcdc
Pokemon 6 Modification9100dddc

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