Pokemon Gold

Also known as ‘Pocket Monsters Kin’ in Japan and South Korea and ‘Pocket Monsters Geum’ in South Korea.

Reset game time

At the title screen, hold Down, Select and B. Now you’re asked for a password which is unique to you.

To reset the game time, at the title screen hold Down+Select+B. You’ll need a password next, use this free online tool to generate a password.

In the two Korean versions of the game, the password is instead:

  • Hold Down, Select and B
  • Release Down and B
  • Hold Left and Up
  • Release Select

(same as in Pokemon Crystal)

Substitute glitch

The ‘Substitute’ move does not work on moves that absorb HP (such as Giga/Mega Drain and Absorb), and has a 100% chance of missing the opponent.

This also occurs in the Japanese versions of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, and all releases of Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Pokédex Diploma

Once you have caught all the Pokémon in both Kanto and Johto Pokédexes (except Mew and Celebi), you can speak to the Game Freak (game developer) director in Celadon City, and he will give you a diploma.

Computer box: duplication glitch

Before you begin, you need at least two Pokémon, an empty box slot, and access to a PC. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure the Pokémon you want to duplicate is in your group/party
  2. Save the game at your PC.
  3. Go to the box, deposit the Pokémon you want to duplicate. Exit the box.
  4. Go to ‘Change Box’, select any box, while it’s saving, turn off your Game Boy.

The precise timing required for Step 4, is to turn off the Game Boy while the ‘Saving, do not turn off the power’ message is still displayed.

Now, start back up. You should find the Pokémon you just duplicated both in your group/party and in the box in the computer.

Three starter Pokémon in one game

You can utlise this variation on the duplication glitch (see above) on all versions of the game. Start a new game and then save the game before visiting Professor Elm’s lab. Play as normal and don’t save the game again, yet.

Now catch one more Pokémon and be able to use boxes. Put the Pokémon you started with in the box. Perform the duplication glitch outlined above. On restarting the game, you should be pre-initial Pokémon selection and have the Pokémon you duplicated earlier.

You can repeat through the initial three Pokémon, and then proceeed through the game as normal with all three starter Pokémon, when you’re only supposed to be able to easily obtain one.

Action Replay codes

Maximum items0163b9d5
Infinite HP 01ff2ed0 
No random battles 01000bd2 
Maximum experience 016332da

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