Railroad Tycoon 3

Cheat Codes

Press the full stop / period key (‘.’) to bring up the cheats console, enter a code from below, and then press ‘Enter’. The key can differ by release and is listed in the instructions, under ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’.

All locomotivestrains are in my blood
All trains crashoops
All trains at double speedgo go go
All trains are upgraded to HST 125upgrade
Buildings produce cargo at double normal ratesdouble shift
Company balance: $1 millionsubsidy
Company balance: $10 millionbailout
Access all territoriespassport
Player balance $1 millionfat cat
Player balance $10 millionbig dog
Lose gameall is lost
Trains never crashsafety first
Win gamewe have a winner
Win game with Bronze Medalwe have a winner Bronze
Win game with Gold Medalwe have a winner Gold
Win game with Silver Medalwe have a winner Silver

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