RollerCoaster Tycoon: Gold Edition

Also known as ‘Totally RollerCoaster.

Cheat codes: guest names

Rename your guests some of the below, for the desired effect.

Chris SawyerGuest Takes Numerous Photographs
Damon HillFast Go-Kart Driver
John WardleyPositive Thinking Guest
Katie BrayshawWaving Guest
Melanie WarnAutomatically Happy Guest
Michael SchumacherA fast go-kart racer
Mr.BeanSlow Go-Kart driving
Richard BransonGuest will make other guests rich
Simon FosterGuest Paints Pictures

Hint: more efficient handymen/grass-cutting

When handymen are given the task of cutting the grass, they spend much less time picking up litter and emptying the bins. Uncheck the cut grass box on each handyman, and then use the land leveller tool to cut the grass. Simply click on the land, careful not to raise/lower, and the grass is cut for free. Enlarge the tool to it’s biggest span to cover large sections of the park in one go.

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