SimCity 4

Cheat codes

During gameplay, enter CTRL+X to bring up the cheat console box. Then type in any code below and press enter.

Remove power requirementfightthepower
$1,000 added to treasuryweaknesspays
All rewardsyou don’t deserve it
Change city name
(add a space, then the name you wish to change it to)
Change mayor name
(add a space, then the name you wish to change it to)
Green tinted mapgol
Hide empty zone colorzoneria
Magnify (1-100)sizeof
Make advisors appear as Llamasdollyllama
Pause the clockstopwatch
Remove water requirementhowdryiam
Set the time
(add a space, then the time)
Start the recorderrecorder
Toggle zotstastyzots

Unlimited/double rewards

Using the ‘you don’t deserve it’ cheat code from above, you can place a reward building before it becomes available to you.

Once you unlock the building through meeting the requirements during gameplay (without cheating), you will be able to place the building a second time.

Exit to region, return to the city and re-activate the ‘you don’t deserve it’ cheat code. You can build all the reward buildings again, no matter how many times you’ve already built them.

Abort Obliteration

If you accidentally press ‘God Mode –> Obliterate City’, quickly press ‘Escape’ to stop the obliteration sequence. If the screen starts flashing white, you’ve ran out of time to cancel.

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