Stronghold: Crusader II Gold

Darth Vader greeting

The very first time you start the game, or by going back into settings, change your name to ‘Lord Vader’ and the next times you start the game, you will hear: “Obi won has trained you well, but you’re not a Jedi yet!”

Wolf greeting

As above, you can also enter your name as ‘Wolf’ to hear a special message.

Steam achievements

AchievementWhat you need to do…
All Knight LongHave 100 mounted knights at your command
Animal Air StrikeThrow 100 animals
Architect50 towers, 50 hovels
Arms DealerSend 500 weapons to allies
Assassin’s DeedKill the enemy lord with an assassin
Clear PassageAll trade caravans survive in Robber Baron within the Delivering Justice campaign
Conqueror5 multiplayer wins
Demolition ManDestroy 1,000 buildings
Farmer KingDeliver 100,000 food to the granary
Fetchez la Vache!Kill a lord with a diseased cow
Forge LordDeliver 10,000 weapons to the armoury
Industry BaronDeliver 100,000 resources to the stockpile
Iron WillWin a skirmish trail mission only recruiting melee troops
Let None Stand in my WayKill 50 enemy lords
Lion TamerKill 5 lions with a slave driver
Lionheart CampaignComplete Lionheart campaign
Loyal CompanionComplete Alliance within the Breath of the Infidel skirmish trail without your ally dying
Medic!Heal your lord to half health from the brink of death
MillionaireGenerate 1,000,000 gold
Not So Magnficent SevenWin a multiplayer against 7 other lords with no alliances
Preparations CampaignComplete Preparations campaign
Saladin CampaignComplete Saladin campaign
Skirmish BaronComplete Desert Heat skirmish trail
Skirmish DukeComplete Way of the Warrior skirmish trail
Skirmish KingComplete Hell’s Teeth skirmish trail
Skirmish KnightComplete Breath of the Infidel skirmish trail
Skirmish PrinceComplete A Trail of Tears skirmish trail
Skirmish YeomanComplete Baptism skirmish trail
SpeedrunComplete Antioch within the Lionheart campaign in less than 10 minutes
Stealth is our DefenseComplete Justice within the Saladin campaign without losing any assassins
TacticianComplete The Lion’s Den within the Preparations campaign on hard without training any units
Take the Bull by the HornsComplete The Horns of Hattin within the Freedom Fighters campaign in less than 10 minutes
The Killing JokeKill a jester
Warrior 1st ClassKill 50,000 troops
Warrior 2nd ClassKill 10,000 troops
Warrior 3rd ClassKill 1,000 troops
Welcome to the FamilySign up to the mailing list
You Win or You DieKill an enemy lord with your lord

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