Stronghold: Crusader

Cheat codes

Enable cheat mode by pressing Shift, Alt and A all together at the main menu. Some users will also need to type TRIBLADE2002, also at the main menu, to get the cheat codes working.

EffectCheat code
Increase popularity by 100 & money by 1,000ALT + X
Cycle characters / unlocks all missionsALT + C
Destroy enemy fortress / free buildALT + K
Destroy selected enemyALT + Z
Destroy main strongholdALT + G
Debug modeALT + D
Increase character levelALT + P
Upgrades and purchases become freeALT + F
Time shiftALT + S
Time compression engagedALT + Q
All enemies on screen turn into butt sauceALT + Y

Use pause to gain advantage

To gain advantage, either by doing things quicker than your AI opponent, or when you mission objectives are against the clock, there are things you can do while the game is paused.

Primarily, these are the market trader, barracks and mercenary post. Hit pause, and you can buy resources while the game is paused for example.

Infinite archers/cross-bowmen in towers

If your tower is full, you can just walk the archers to the other side of the tower, and when they’re passing through it hit stop to make them stay in the tower.

There are two methods of placing more archers/crossbowmen (or any type of unit) on towers:

  1. Select batches of around 30 soldiers, move them up to a tower, select another batch and move them up too, but crucially, before the first batch make it up there. You can get hundreds of soldiers up there using this technique.
  2. Similar but different, with soldiers already up the tower which is also full, select new soldiers and walk them through the area you want to place them, then click the stop hand icon, and they will stop wherever they are, even if the tower was already full.

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